Stars & Constellations

coins, tokens
variable dimensions

Thousands of coins from numerous currencies lie scattered across the floor. All of them are real coins, with the exception of one, counterfeit Euros produced by the artist in China. These tokens emulate the basic coin in size, shape and colour, but without the nation-specific designs leaving just the circle of stars that represent the member states. On one face the work is a representation of the circulation of global capital in relation to cosmic realms. On the other it plays with the symbols of national and individual representation and identification. The different rates of exchange between currencies, mixed with other values placed on individuals, countries and even art itself, are expressed as contingent in this constantly shifting composition.

Stars & Constellations makes it clear that globalization not only brings with it new products and cultural norms, but also fundamentally changes the strategic balance of power in the world. (…) It plays out on an abstract level between the cosmic dimension and the everyday activities of billions of people.” 
Excerpt from An unresolved No-Man’s-Land by Filip Luyckx.

Stars & Constellations was commissioned for the exhibition The critical fundamentals of Europe, as part of the transnational project Europe (to the power of) n by artistic director Barbara Weiner, held in the European district in Brussels (14 February-14 March 2013) and Goethe Institute, Brussels.