Can’t fight the future
Can’t fight what I see
(Rotating Snakes)

print on aluminum
variable dimensions (life size)

The life size cut outs are images taken from the Chinese magazine “rentizaoxingyishu” or “Body Art”. Sold under the auspices of studying the female body for art, the magazines are undoubtedly sold for more erotic contemplation in China where pornography is contraband. Voet’s humorous alternative censorship places rotating snakes or ‘peripheral drift’ optical illusion both alluring and distracting. Set within a period European museum, it portrays the motion of people, culture and taste over time.

In Can’t fight the future, Can’t fight what I see (rotating snakes) “the erotic content of the image is disguised by an optical illusion print of rotating snakes. The places that appeal to our eyes and senses are obliterated by the dizzying print.” From Fantastic Illusion group exhibition catalogue