Half a Millenium carried home by Kit Hammonds about the show 500 years (ENG)
Good news for people who love bad news by Mathieu Borysevicz (ENG) [ chinese ]
A certain distance by Aimee Lin (ENG) [ chinese ]
An unresolved no-mans’s land by Filip Luyckx (ENG) [ chinese ]
Beautiful because it is brief by Maya Kramer (ENG) [ chinese ]
Heidi Voet interviews curator Ronald Van de Sompel about the show ‘If I was beautiful. If I had the time.’ (NL)
Heidi Voet interviews artist Alicia Framis about the work for the show ‘Unscene’ in Wiels, Brussels (ENG)
interview Heidi Voet by Ann Geeraerts about The Weight of Wonder (NL)
fictional story Endless Magic coming to China by Heidi Voet (ENG)
press release Happy Next Year by Aaron Schuster (ENG)

Press (incomplete)

Foreigners in the Shanghai Art scene, Shanghai Daily, 22 January 2014
Carpets in Art, article in Art World Magazine from China, April 2014
Epluchage et effeuillage, article in the French newspaper Libération, August 5 2014
Review in Frieze on Brussels by Vivian Rehberg and Aaron Schuster, January 2008
Review in ART-IT Japan, about Chance Encounter*, October 2008
De sculpturen van Heidi Voet, Isabelle De Baets, OKV, March 2009
Women in Art in China, Interview in Modern Weekly, November 2012
Global Glitter Lust, artists where asked to make a visual for the Christmas edition, Modern Weekly, December 2012
Interview in 'I love you' Magazine from Berlin, Spring 2013

Blogs (incomplete)