Present Perfect Tension

3 DVD projections, 3 doors, wood, dry wall, acrylic paint, tiles
variable dimensions

“Actions which started in the past and are still continuing”

In the solo show Present Perfect Tension, Heidi Voet transforms three areas of the Sint-Lukas gallery space into a walk-in kaleidoscope of material and mental impressions.
The floorplans of the gallery were twisted and the walls and floor rebuilt, intersecting the real building with an alternative copy of itself. Projected at pitched angles three videos draw together sequences of images to create a sense of time that lies between “present-infinitive” of nature and “present-foregone” of a photograph, a toy globe or statue. In an adjacent room, tiles laid at an acute angle crack when walked over. These poetic distortions reflect on how even the small decisions of an architect or individual in the past affect us today.