Room with a view

utility building, cinderblocks, DVD projection with sound
259×342×705 cm

“a real building enveloped by one that is a farce”

A white utility building on a beach in the South of France intersects with a half-built cinderblock wall that passes around and through the hut. The temporary walls echo the building’s, but placed askew. Inside a video projection replaces the original window and the unfinished one outside. While one frames a real beach, the other shows a sequence of similar, yet distant, tropical scenes. At intervals in the video the sound is muted and the image rotated through 360 degrees before continuing. In this conundrum of walls and windows, openings and enclosures, selective impressions and memories skim the fringes of reality. Room with a view suggests how the specific places we find ourselves in might so easily have been different, even if only slightly.